Madagascar a adhéré au réseau ARINSA depuis le 21 Septembre 2016.

ARINSA (Asset Recovery Inter-agency of South Africa) is a multi-agency informal network between participating countries. We exchange information, model legislation and country laws in asset forfeiture, confiscation and money laundering. Other services include newsletters, publications, events, and links to other networks.

ARINSA as an international "network of networks" means that the proceeds of crime can be traced informally to all corners of the globe making sure that the slogan "TAKING THE PROCEEDS FROM CRIME - IN AFRICA" and making sure to "LEAVE CRIMINALS WITH NOWHERE TO HIDE" - is withheld.

It was agreed that an informal network based on the CARIN model would be of considerable help to prosecutors and investigators working on cases involving the identification, tracing, freezing, seizure, confiscation and recovery of proceeds and instrumentalities of crime, and that such a network, established in accordance with the parameters set out below, should be established without delay.